Why Choose Us


WADE S.A. has a strong system of quality management throughout each stage of the production chain.

Although each processing plant is considered as an independent unit, ongoing communication between the parties generates a unified system.

The different processes give place to the interaction of several programs coordinated ensure quality and safety of intermediate and final products, in an environment that drives continuous improvement in production and the working environment.

Department of Animal Production

Controls the health and nutrition of birds implementing practices to ensure animal welfare on farms and in the hatchery

Microbiology Laboratory

Performs continuous monitoring of environments and intermediate and final products, evaluating the efficiency of processes and programs implemented.

Physico-chemical Analysis Laboratory

The raw materials used for balanced feed manufacturing are controlled by our physico-chemical analysis laboratory. The laboratory is responsible of acceptance or rejection of the raw materials in order to assure a uniform process and a standardized final product free for risks for the health of the birds.

The intermediate and final products are also analyzed and monitored in its composition and appearance, so that our fowls have the necessary nutrients for every stage of their development.

Quality Programs
  • GMP
  • Animal Welfare
  • Traceability
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • FSSC 22000