About Us

Who We are

WADE S.A. is part of the Argentinian farming heritage, renowned for delivering traditional products of the highest quality. Authenticity, craftsmanship and great taste, these values are at the core of our business.

Our beginnings were humble but our ambitions were not.

What We Do

We are pioneers in healthy and sustainable chicken and chicken by products. We specialize in providing the highest quality farm raised all natural chicken meats in the country.

Vision Statement

Being an international company in each market and have a significant presence, through the production, distribution and marketing of poultry meat and by-products.

Our Mission

To provide products of poultry meat, prepared with the highest quality standards, developing a strong commitment by the customer.

Our success is based on the development, attitude and commitment of our human resources, in full control of the production chain, and the projection of the values that characterize our founders.


Our reputation is built on our commitment to providing only the best quality products, backed up by customer service levels that we strive to make second to none.


Our brand stands out for its exceptional international projection. Our production plants and dedicated sales teams ensure a strong export capacity, working as partners on all continents with a global network of customers in the most diverse fields.